NDA Association

The Handicapped Association of Daliat El Karmel (NDA)

Organizational Background:

In recent years we are witnessing a process which is ongoing to raise the awareness of the needs of the community with special needs along with the activities and the organization of an initiative of this population to satisfy those needs. This process has brought involvement and intervention of the handicapped community and the raise of awareness among service providers to this community
The Handicapped Association (NDA) was founded in 2001 in the Daliat El Karmel village following an immediate need to treat the Druze handicapped population in Daliat El Karmel. As of today there are 600 handicapped people in Daliat El Karmel which are registered at the national insurance 'Bituach Leumi'. The Handicapped Association is providing its services to approx. 300 people of different disabilities which .are actively visiting the club on a regular basis

The Association's Objectives:

1. The increase of quality of life and welfare of the handicapped in Daliat El Karmel.

2. Advocacy activities of the community to preserve the rights of handicapped from different institutions and lectures to members about their rights, duties and general information – as part of their empowerment.

3. Enriching activities, education and culture for handicapped only:

  a. Club activities in the village designated for handicapped

  b. Lectures of different topics

  c. Courses and instructional/educational workshops of various kinds .Trips, to get to know Israel, et

4. Meetings with other clubs of handicapped in order to cooperate in promotingcommon interests.

The association is working in cooperation with the welfare department of the local authority and Daliat El Karmel's community center. The association is offering activities three times a week in the NDA club: Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and at evenings as required. The club is located in a special building which was rented by the local council in 2001

Due to the increase of the number of members, the association intends to operate the club on all days of the week, morning and evenings, to organize social, educational and general activities in order to empower the wellbeing of the handicapped. The association operates according to the rules binding each association, while at the same time cooperates with the local council and institutions and the community center of Daliat El Karmel .


The Association's Activities:

Operation of the Handicapped Association's club: The club shall provide handicapped of different kinds a place to usefully spend their time in a social .environment
Computer & Internet Classes: Studies stress out the need of the handicapped to know how to work with a computer and we therefore intend to offer classes. The room which is intended to serve those classes can consist of 10 workstations .

Language Classes: The association is cooperating with the community center of Daliat El Karmel, which has expressed its intention to help and to send us teachers for the required languages at a subsidized salary

Gymnastics Classes: The handicapped require light sport activities and we will therefore provide gymnastic classes with light equipment in a room. Those classes will be carried out in cooperation with the lottery center (Mif'al Ha'Pais) of the village

Creativity Workshops: For the broadening of knowledge, horizons and encourage creativity, the club will offer workshops for ceramics, painting, handicrafts, communication, photography and many lectures with different topics

Trips: We will organize trips for the handicapped to enrich the knowledge of Israel and to provide vacations for the handicapped and their families.

Work and light occupation of handicapped: Our goal is to enable occupation of handicapped to support their rehabilitation and creativity.

Community activities: As planned, the association and club members will take part of the community activities in the village. This is a community project Negisha integrated with various activities and projects of the public committees and in cooperation with other populations of the village .


Daliat El Karmel – General Background

Daliat El Carmel, a Druze village nearby Mount Karmel, has a special character. In addition to the fact that this is a colorful village, its hospitality and joy, it offers its visitors a lot. The Druses are an ethnic group which split itself from the Islam in Egypt more than 1,000 years ago. According to the Druses, it is a renewed return of an ancient belief that has turned into a 'secret' religion which was known solely to the group's wise people. The Druze group significantly contributes to the life of the Israel society. It is a modern rural society which preserves its group identity, customs, traditions and religion
Daliat El Karmel was established in the 17th century by Druses from Mount Lebanon Next to it resides another Druze village, Osfia, which was unified with Daliat El Karmel in 2003 and became officially the city of the Karmel
The meaning of the name Daliat El Karmel is 'the grapevine of the Karmel' .

עמותת נד"א – נכי דאלית אל כרמל (ע"ר), היא עמותה שפועלת לרווחת הנכים ביישוב דלית אל-כרמל, להגברת המודעות בקרב בעלי הצרכים המיוחדים לזכויותיהם, העצמה, העשרה והגברת מודעות

ימי פעילות העמותה: ראשון עד ששי משעה 9:00 עד 13:00 . 

כתובת: ת.ד. 5368, דאלית אל כרמל 3005600, טלפונים: 04-8866776, 052-2859057

דוא"ל: ndac@walla.com, פייסבוק: facebook.com/ndadac